In ancient, and recent but distant, times, there was a governing body known as the hundred: the hundred local landowners.  We have evolved from this local control and given more and more people a voice in the governance of personal affairs, but we have not lost its essential spirit that my neighbors and I, given reasonable norms of conduct passed down through the generations of our familes, can establish rules permitting increased personal freedom given sound self-governance.  I propose that we look to neighborhoods as the centers of governance, moving away from autocratic control of the Washington elites and toward local resolution of local problems.  I have a fairly long document that expresses many thoughts about why local control might be better for us in some of our more troubling local problems: homelessness, teen unemployment, drug use, and broken familes.

One of my centerpoints is that we need to involve active and non-active military veterans as key actors in shaping, growing and preserving communities.  I also want us to realize that the police are there to help us, not to ruin our lives.  These are not simple problems, but if we the people at the local level band together in groups of 2, 4,  8, . . . 64, 128 and/ 256, we can move to a better life for ourselves. our children, our neighbors, and any others of God's Children who want freedom, honesty, decency and love.