The Opportunity

The sun never sets on the English Empire.  An old phrase, but descriptive of the reach of the civilizing force of English speaking peoples who have taken the best of the ancient systems of self-governance, freedom, liberty and self-actualization to heart to bring enlightenment and hope to many tired, oppressed and struggling peoples.  Great Britain's vote to exit the European Union gives the United States of America an opportunity to join with the law-abiding economic powers of the world and effect a new and more lawful regimen of international growth.
   If we look at the former British Colonies of the world, which includes us (the U.S.), we see nations that respect the rules of law, the rights of individuals to self-destiny, and a drive to a fuller inclusion of all God's children in the sharing of the growth possible through freedom.  Our nations respect women and give them equal rights; we protect our children from exploitation; and we permit people who are "different" to engage in our societies with equal vim and vigor.
   The state and religiously controlled economies of the world cannot make the same claims.  While one's gender or sexual preference does not guarantee success in our nations, it is not a barrier to success as it is in most of the non-former-British colony world.  I would also add that the Dutch colonies share a similar heritage; while some economists decry the "Anglo-Dutch" dominance of the world economy, I challenge them to find a superior system in existence anywhere in the world that also permits continued challenge and change to the status quo ante.
   The movement is afoot to bring the great free nations of the world together in a trading partnership that respects the individual soverereignty of each nation state and has barriers in place at inception to prevent the slow creep to central (i.e., Brussels-like) control of all, but which can require modernization of historic prejudices by the non-free nations seeking to gain the benefits of trading outside their borders.  Iran could be brought to the bargaining table with requirements that it change its treatment of women and gays, or suffer the loss of commerce with the civilized world.  China might be forced to limit its clamp-down on political dissidents.
   I realize that is is apparently popular to blame our economic woes on global expansion: the loss of jobs overseas.  I guess the people in Monterey do not need to eat anymore than do the people of Bangladesh.  We are all God's Children, not just those of us privileged to be born in a former British colony that built itself on the individual liberties cherished there.
   A world led by a coalition of the free trade nations: the United States of America, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, India, Holland, South Africa, Kenya (and an outlier, Chile) might give greater freedom to all God's Children no matter where they live.  In conjunction with these nations, we might bring on a new birth of liberty, a new birth of freedom, and a new birth of clean water and air technologies whereby we lessen poverty, disease, starvation, famine, war and pestilence for All God's Children regardless of their differences from us.
   Xenophobia and Isolationism are powerful temptresses, but consider how they brought on two horrid World Wars.  We are the people of love, tolerance and understanding.  We are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights, and that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Will we choose to be the beacon of hope, or will we take our ball and go home.  Our President prefers the latter, but I ask us to look to the souls of those who prefer peace, liberty and justice for all.  An alliance of the great free nations of the world seeking to augment freedom and light can overcome the forces of darkness and oppresion through love.