George Washington as a Colonel in the Virginia Militia

The Blessings of Liberty

   G. Washington was an international hero, a man respected near and far.  He and Martha epitomized dignity, humility and faith.  Washington was not only the unanimous choice to be the nation's first Executive (Const., Art. II), he was the unanimous choice to be the President of the Constitutional Convention.  He oversaw the creation of the legal document that is the envy of all people everywhere.  He spoke very little at the convention, but warned: "If to please the People, we offer what we ourselves disapprove, how can we afterwords defend our work"  Remember George and Martha when you go to the polls.
Hillary upset with Congressional Hearing

Threats to Liberty

   At HRC's coming out party in North Carolina just hours after her politically driven pseudo-pardon for extreme carelessness during her tenure as Secretary of State, BHO proclaimed her the most qualified candidate for President EVER!  Really?  Will her real world achievements ever approach those of G, Washington, D. D. Eisenhower, A. lincoln, FDR, LBJ or G. H. W. Bush?  George Washington was an elite human being who enjoyed a world-wide recognition of his remarkable prowess in accomplishment, decency and humility in the face of incredible trials and tribulations.  We have people like Washington to thank for our Constitution.  HRC wants to rewrite it.