There is a prevailing temptation to blame economic losses on "furriners."  To be sure, developing countries have populations willing to work for wages alone without any of the benefits (retirement plans, healthcare plans, worker's compensation plans, for example) most of us enjoy and take for granted as part and parcel of an employment package.  We tend to ignore the regulatory burden placed on businesses here in the states, and sometimes we cry for more regulation to even the playing field or to accomplish social goals.  Regulations and benefits have costs.
   Certainly we do not want to return to an employment state like that existing here in the early days of the industrial revolution where none of the employment benefits existed.  Nor do we want to return to the workplace rules that prevailed in the early part of last century, since they were insignificantly superior to those existing in the 19th century.  Yet we seem to want to turn back the clock on job availability -- that the benefits of the industrial revolution inure only to those lucky enough to be born here.
   Globalization of commerce is a hard fact.  The people of India want into the capitalist revolution, as do people everywhere.  And they would welcome the rule of law that has given us the chance to prosper like few other nations.  Closing our borders and permitting only goods made here to be purchased by consumers defies reasonable logic; the Articles of Confederatioon sought a similar solution during and after the separation from our colonial master, but the people soon wanted a free trade system because each state did not make all of the things we desired.
   We are a nation of immigrants, and we should remain open to letting people in.  But we should make sure that their entry is lawful.  We need to enforce the laws we have related to immigration.  Perhaps we can solve the problem of youth unemployment by making enforecement commands peopled by those who cannot find other work.  Amnesty programs seem to augur another cycle of scofflaw entry.  We want your poor, your tired, your huddled masses, yearning to be free, but we want to know that you will live under our rule of law.
   There are always going to be refugee crises in the globe so long as there are humans in power who are never sated by the power they have.  I believe that Solon was the last human who was satisfied by the power he had, but I should probably add G. Washington to that list (he surrendered complete power twice in his life).  These are few and far between.
   Our civilization, and that of all free people everywhere, is always under assault by those who know better and have a better way.  We have a group of individuals who rationalize hatred against freedom through a religious front, who target people of opposite faiths, women and people of alternative sexual identities.  It is their goal to bring more horror to our shores.  This cannot be tolerated.
   We do not intend to bar anyone who desires freedom, but we cannot permit an open door policy unless and until these haters are eradicated or truly placed on a jayvee team that is closely watched and supervised.  Simply labeling the agents of Satan as such does not end their activity, but lawful detention and opposition to the spread of their horrific message will have a salutory effect upon our shores.  The refugees flooding into Europe need careful vetting and potential isolation in holding camps until their good will can be completely ascertained.  You can label me a hater if you will, but I do not attempt to kill people in the name of God or Allah or Yahweh.  I try to help them find the God who loves all his children.
   People who cannot live in peaceful tolerance of others have little place in civilized societies, and civilized societies have little need to welcome such miscreants into the society.  Government has a role in enforcing its laws, and I am puzzled why there is no scheme that permits us to locate and track individuals who have remained in the country beyond their permitted time.  We seem to celebrate scofflaws, whereas there could be system that examines each potential immigrant for fit with our free culture.  Open door, no; reasonable path to joining us in the pursuit of liberty, yes.