Where free people permit others to join their society, we shall stand with them.
Where governments augment hatred, condone senseless violence, and cry for extermination, we will defend the former.
   The Palestinians and the Iranians (at least their "governments") crow about Israeli atrocities against Arabs.  There is no truth to these assertions, the whiny texts of the Obama administration to the contrary.  Israel is a beacon of light and love, and we should do all in our power to protect and preserve her.
   The Iranian Arms deal has a brother, known as the Munich Accords.  Neville Obama, so worried about his place in history and so blind to the unholy amitions of the Iranian nation state, has sold one of our closes allies dear.  Once again, his bright line in the sand has been ignored and trampled by missile tests and failures of agreed inspections.
   As a people, we can stand with love and understanding, or we can gravitate toward fear and loathing.  As an enlightened democracy that respects the rule of law, we should join in the preservation of the growth of individual liberty through sound legal administration.  Our current President and his annointed successor seem to favor autocrats (follow the money for the latter: The Clinton Foundation is filled with donations from foreign governments where the rights of women are very minimal).  I stand with countries that let the people speak.