All God's Children

A little over fifty years ago, one of my childhood heroes, a man, like George Washington and Mahatma Ghandi revered around the world, spoke of a dream where all God's Children would be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
   The Politics of Separation: It is in politicians best interests to find "wedge" issues to create an "us" against "them" environment focusing on our differences.  Dr. King and others had it right, let us focus on our mutual triumphs, struggles and obstacles.  What you do for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you do for me.  Matthew 25:40  Let us not focus on differences: most of us came over on a boat, and we are all in the same boat.
   Key Issues: Our Homeless and out of work population grows; this is an area where Reagan brought more woe during his presidency, and the current administration has done little to really help people find food and shelter through economically sustainable lifestyles.  If we concentrate on mental conditions in neighborhood settings, we might be able to build small communities of success in combating homelessness, substance abuse and neighborhood and domestic violence.
    Care for the Young:   If there is a group that needs all of our attention, it is young people who struggle to see the benefits of hard work, charity and freedom of choice.  There are entrenched haves who want to have more even if their policies will cripple the abilities of less skilled and schooled young adults to gain the experience and self-esteem that comes from the satisfaction of a job well done day after day.  We need to make sure that laws work to benefit All God's Children and that government is there for a hand up when needed, but that government avoids the trap of making a barrier to freedom.