A Graduated Flat Tax

A simple solution

Lessen most tax burdens
1% on first 10K; 2% on next 10K, 3% on next 10K
5% on next 30K; 10% on next 140K; 15% thereafter.
Corporate = 10% on first 500K; 15% thereafter

We could aggressively target black-market income, but with rates at such low rates, the incentive to hide income diminishes.  In the Clinton administration, the tax cuts resulted in a wealth of increased revenue for the Feds.  We ran a surplus in our budget.  Let's get there again.

If we all pay a little.

   When our nation began, it relied on the states to furnish the central government with revenue.  Gradually we experimented with tariffs and taxes on certain goods (ad valorem taxation, i.e. sales taxes), but these were fairly unreliable and led to trade wars and black markets.  Eventually we settled on the current income tax solution; for all of its negatives, it has the promise of predictability for valid government services and spending.  But it has gradually grown to be a bloated ghost of its initial self (the code itself is a book larger than the Oxford English Dictionary, and even the Service cannot claim to understand it all -- footnote, Congress made the mess, the IRS just attempts to enforce it.  Congress needs to unmake the mess.)
   One inequity I see is that about one-half of employed individuals do not pay Federal Income Tax.  I struggle with the equity of such a system so I propose that all workers pay at least some tax.  My numbers are not set in stone, and an incoming Congressman has little chance of setting the agenda, but the sitting Congressman has no ideas other than to soak the rich while taking money from the rich to keep himself in power.  The current code has so many back doors that favor the wealthy and the connected that we can be sure that the ones with the ears of entrenched pols pay vastly less than their fair share.  A flat tax with a small beginning give us some chance at predicting our own burdens and having a system where we all pay the same percentage of our income at certain income levels.  The target is that all governments take no more than one-fourth of our earnings.  

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