The Campaign
   My name is Steve Bailey.  I have filed to run for Congress in the 1st Congressional District 2016 Republican Primary.  If I am successful in that election, I will most likely be opposing Wm. “Lacy” Clay in the general election.
    For the past fifteen years I have been an adjunct professor, and I currently teach classes in Retirement Planning, Principles of Insurance, and Business Law.  I preceded that career by fifteen years as a trial lawyer representing: 1) various insureds in suits claiming personal injuries (seven years); 2) railroad workers claiming under a federal statutory scheme (FELA) personal injuries as a result of employment (four years); and at the end divided my efforts between 3) insureds in a variety of claims and 4) death row inmates seeking federal constitutional relief for errors in their convictions. 
   In 1998 I ran against Dick Gebhart in the Democratic primary (3rd District U.S. House of Representatives, no longer extant as such); in 2000 I ran against Lacy Clay in the Democratic primary for the First District U.S. House of Representatives.  While I was born into a Democratic family, my personal political heroes were Republicans: A. Lincoln, Calvin Coolidge, Dwight David Eisenhower, Everett McKinley Dirksen, Howard Baker, Gerald R. and Betty Ford, George W. Bush and his father, H.W.  A few exceptions: Hubert Humphrey and Scoop Jackson.
   The Democratic Party has shifted so far to the left that it threatens the well-being of those whom it screams it seeks to protect.  The Republican Party is the party that eschews slavery such as the continuous expansion of federal power and the “benefits” it provides to the expanding dependent class.  When Lincoln and the “radical” Republicans attempted to unite the nation in a plan to stem the growth of human bondage, Andrew Jackson’s party, true to its creation of the Trail of Tears, began the process of secession, so dire was the Democrat’s need to keep people in bondage.  Continuation and expansion of the welfare state in our own time threatens the freedom of our fellows: families find it challenging to break the bonds of dependence on fellow taxpayers.
   My primary reasons for running for office stem from desires that All God’s Children may enjoy a new birth of freedom.  We need to lower the tax burden on people and businesses, balance the budget and attack the growth of debt, and think of new ways to move people from welfare to work by empowering self-realization of the value of honesty, dignity, diligence and labor.  Economic inequality is rarely achieved through strong people taking from the haves to give to the have less.  Transactional costs in the transfer (government waste being perhaps twenty cents on the dollar) reduce the benefit, and money received without personal labor, or without understanding of the management of personal finances, puts the benefit in the proverbial hollow leg that can never be satisfactorily filled.  I want to work with great men and women like Paul Ryan and Anne Wagner, modeling people like Condoleeza Rice, John Kasich, Chris Christie, Sandra Day O’Connor, Bobby Jyndal, Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio to help working families lift themselves from the mire of low expectations of themselves and their fellow citizens.  The language of love, understanding, self-reliance, giving selflessly, and open willingness to hear the pleas of All God’s Children will continue the great work of our light of freedom and equal opportunity for all.
   Please contact me to arrange a time where we can meet and get to know one another.  I have a number of ideas which I would like to share with you; I need to hear what you want to do for your nation, and what you think your nation should do or not do for you and others.  I would love it if you would open your home or business or church or organization to me.  I would love it even more if you brought key friends, relatives, neighbors and others to our meeting so I can share and listen with them.  I leave that to you.  I am self-funding this campaign from my personal resources: anyone wishing to donate to my campaign should keep a running tally of their expenditures on its behalf or, preferably, make a charitable donation under its aegis.  I propose to pass a basket at our meeting for donations to a worthy cause identified by our group conscience.  I will record the consequences of our decision.  I propose meetings of not more than seventy-five minutes in length.

Positions Outline

Limit the Federal Government through the Constitution
Lessen all tax burdens
1% on first 10K; 2% on next 10K, 3% on next 10K
5% on next 30K; 10% on next 140K; 15% thereafter.
Corporate = 10% on first 500K; 15% thereafter
Shrink the deficit through lessening federal spending growth
Make Social Security sustainable across generations
Repeal PPACA’s [Obamacare] most intrusive mandates
Empower Local Communities to Improve themselves
End the War on Drugs
Local School Choice/Creation/Cooperation
Active and Veteran Military Leaders Help us Grow
Ensure our Military Strength to spread freedom globally
Enforce existing Immigration Laws
Preserve the Bill of Rights with broad interpretations, not continuous abrogation by statute and regulation
Work on Repealing laws that limit economic success of people
Deregulate as much as possible
Stop Killing Birds, Bees and Bats and other living things with alternative energy solutions
Maximize individual choice and freedom consistent with achieving freedom for all God’s children.