Jobs and the Economy

College or Apprenticeships or Both

Reduce Taxes


For the right people, college is the solution to their dreams of capital advancement, but fewer than 40% of us are truly suited to the task.  Happiness is possible through apprenticed programs where real skills are learned; We should be asking if our child labor laws are dated, are some of us better pursuing a craft or a trade rather than striving in school.
One side of the aisle tells us that we just need to give them more money and they can solve all of our economic and social woes.  Odd that large chunks of their solutions wind up in corporate welfare programs.  The government wastes about 20% of what it receives; give it less to blow and watch the economy grow! 
Experience in other cities demonstrates a need for school vouchers, increased charter creation with local control, and my long experience in education leads me to believe that college is not a panacea.   There are a number of skilled labor jobs that are unfulled because we have not identified and trained replacement workers.  People need work, not a mountain of debt.

Socialism or Capitalism?

The Minimum Wage

Immigration and Trade

Would we rather live in a world where families enjoy the fruits of their labor free from unreasonable governmental and societal intrusion, or a world where the government controls all aspects of our lives?  When I look at the differences in the supposed utopian government systems of socialism, fascism and communism I see no palpable differences other than the names of the leaders who labeled them. 
At first this is a no brainer, everyone should get an immediate doubling in pay even though the economy is growing at or near a 2% pace, which under the economic rule of 72 means that the economy will double every thirty six years.   A doubling of the national minimum wage will crush the dreams of the economically depressed or expand the underground economy.
Count me in for greater freedom of trade with nations that respect the rule of law on copyrights and patents.  Closing our borders to trade did not work under the Articles of Confederation, and it will not work in a global economy where All God's Children should reap the benefit of honest labor.  We need to enforce the immigration laws we have in place.